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Restaurants, dining and Thai seafood in Khao Lak khaolak
Restaurants, dining and great places to eat in Khao Lak

The Thai Cuisine is well known to be light, tasty, and full of variations. The basic meals are always served with rice ( kao ).
Rice is served boiled ( kao plao ), fried ( kao pat ), or in the form of rice noodles (kwaytiao).
Fried rice is a standard meal available everywhere, at some street stalls for as little as 30 Baht.
Thai dishes are prepared with beef ( nua ), pork (moo), chicken (gai), shrimp (koong), fish (pla), or cuttlefish (plamuek). Vegetable, herbs, spices, sauces and various pastes are added to create the right texture and taste. It is not unusual that a menu lists more than 100 dishes. 

Also Thai salads (yam) and soups (tom) are cooked in many variations. Most well known is the fairly hot shrimp soup (tom yam gung).

It is best to consume Thai dishes in groups. You order many dishes with different kinds of meat and share eating them. You should place only as much food on your plate as you are willing to eat with the next bite.
Thai Food, Restaurants in Khao Lak Thailand Dining, Seafood, Thai Food in Khao Lak Thailand.
Thai Cuisine and Dining in Khaolak Restaurants.

Thai Cooking in Khao Lak

"Thai Cooking in Khao Lak" is a 3-morning cooking class in the restaurant of a 3- or 4-star resort at Nang Thong Beach. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9 .00 - 13.00. 4 to 6 students can learn to prepare their favourite Thai dishes are taught hands on under the guidance of the resort chef and her staff.

Many Restarants and dining options in Khao Lak

A few former Beach Restaurants, managed to establish themselves along the main road. Khao Lak Seafood owned bei Penn and Chai , has made it's name even as far as Phuket, Lamuan Seafood, whose owner is always in good spirits, or Nom's Family, whose fish dishes, served in the evening, are highly praised. as is the fish restaurant Thai Seafood, which is situated in the Soi by Lah Own Plaza.

A priceworthy meal can be enjoyed in the Happy Lagoon which is 200m from the beach, where the occasional fresh seabreeze refreshes. Apart from the delicious sea shrimps, and the legendary and great Coconut milk, tasty cakes are offered for 70 Baht. Many dishes are designed to please the palettes of Skandinavian tourists.

One of a kind in Khao Lak, is the Ruen Mai Restaurant, which serves many special dishes cooked with jungel herbs and are said to positively influenz the health. Many Thais who dislike the tourist influenzed Thai kitchen eat here.

The Phu Khao Lak Restaurant is usually fully booked every evening. We often visit here later in the evening to enjoy an ice cream, and we can recommend the " Chocolate Chip Special", which is Ursula's own creation.

The Raeang Restaurant, which in Soi Jerung in Bang Niang is highly praised. Food is prepared in an open kitchen.

A more fancy, air conditioned restaurant , serving good wines with tasteful Fusion Food creations, is the Candle Restaurant, which is a little more expensive. It is sitauted near the beginning of the beach road leeding down from 7/11.

Meals in the beach restaurants at Bang Niang Beach are generally, good, sufficient and price worthy. Outstanding is the Beach Restaurant, which in a short time has built itself an excellent reputation.

The appealing Chef Jimmy Restaurant, situated about 150m from the beach, recently built with natural materials, serves good food at very reasonable prices. Cook Jim is known to many Khao Lak friends as an excellent chef, who formerly cooked in the Ton Son Restaurant at Bang Niang Beach.

"Mama" prepares excellent meals in the Sabai Sabai Restaurant.

At the South End of Bang Niang Beach, just before the river near the Ramada Resort, where the beach is still wide, are a few romantic,Thai style beach bars and restaurants.

The Ton Son Restaurant, run by Kim, the Aroy Restaurant, the My Friend Restaurant and a new Swiss Beach Restaurant serving Thai dishes, all serve good meals reasonably priced.

Thai Food, western cuisine and dining in Khao Lak Thailand Lunch, dinner and dining at restaurants in Khaolak Thailand
Many great places to eat in Khao Lak Phang Nga.

Khao Lak Phang Nga

to be recommended
along the beach:

Indigo Restaurant

Khao Lak Green Beach

Nang Thong Bay

Khaolak Friends
(Suwan Palm)

Jade Cafe

Wassana Restaurant

The Beach Restaurant

All red dots in the map
are restaurants

Khao Lak Restaurants (29K)

Khao Lak Thailand     

to be recommended:

Ruen Thai
Khao Lak Seafood
Phu Khao Lak
Lamuan Seafood
Nom's Family Restaurant
Happy Lagoon
Jui's Bistro
Stempfer Cafe
Chef Jimmy Restaurant
Candle Restaurant
Sawasdee Restaurant
Pinocchio Pizzeria
Jasmin Restaurant
Rabeang Restaurant

Khao Lak Promotion


Nang Thong Beach


At Nang Thong Beach all restaurants apart from the Green Beach Restaurant belong to resorts . This being the reason why a more upmarket clientele has established itself here. Only the small, simple and reasonably priced Green Beach Restaurant, situated directly by the beach, has kept it's original flair. This is an excellent place to enjoy a small meal or snack, but is not comparable with the neighbouring restaurants, which of course are more expensive.

For an a romantic evening dinner on the beach, my favourite is the Indigo Restaurant next to the Ocean Breeze Resort, where the owner himself grills delicious seafood for his guests. Prices are somewhat higher than restaurants by the road, but are definitely justified. Why Holidaycheck claims prices in the Indigo Restaurant are 3 times the average, is incomprehendable in my view, and simply not true. Why this restaurant concept, which works very well in other places, like Koh Samui, Koh Lanta, and are always full, has not been copied in Khao Lak yet, is a mystery to me.

Beach Restaurants and dining in Khao Lak. Seafood and Thai Food restaurants in Khao Lak.
Beach restaurants in Nang Thong Khao Lak

Thai Food and Dining

Authentic Thai Food

Really authentic Thai food is not so easy to find. In Nang Thong we only found 2 restaurants that offer Thai cooking not adapted to the tourist palate, namely Muanlai
E-Sarn Dining
and the price worthy Orchid Cafe, which si situated towards the Northern End of Khao Lak.

Also on the left hand side about 500 m further on, at the beginning of Bang Niang is the Takua Pa Restaurant, which is without doubt the most visited Restaurant by local Thais. Many a tourist sweats at the mere sight of the amount of chillies in these dishes! But don't worry, most Thais sort the chillies out on their plates too.

In Bang Niang along the main road, there are quite a few restaurants offering authentic

Thai dishes. From North to South ;

Kao Niew and Phat Thai on the west side of the street, Isarn Palmblatt Huette and Bingo
( open in the evening until the early morning hours ), Jae Juea , which is only signed in Thai across from the Petch supermarket on the east side of the road. Also the Sawasdee Restaurant on the road to the beach, gets praised for it's authentical Thai food, especially the duck dishes, which are tasty, but not really large enough for the price. The Lucky Restaurant next door, serves much larger portions for very hungry guests.

If you know a more authentic Thai restaurant suitable for tourists, we would be happy to be informed.

European and Western Restaurants in Khao Lak

The Viking Steakhouse by the Sawadee Plaza offers steaks for the large wallet. Peter Pan, Viking's rival, which serves steaks, pizzas and pastas, can nearly compete with the Pinocchio Pizzaria in Bang Niang.

The Kantary Cafe, which made itself a name right from the start, offers good cakes and coffee, but also very tasty Thai dishes at a very reasonable price, in a clean atmosphere. Unfortunately they close at 22.00, when it would be nice to sit and chat a little longer.

The Stempfer Cafe offers a wide range of various cakes at about 100 Baht.

Then of course there is the first Mc Donnald's here too, for which we have all been waiting? Many Thais believe western fast food chains and shops like 7/11 and Tesco Lotus, will soon be being built next to the Bang Niang market, will lead them out of their Phang Nga Provincial backwardness, to a more promising and richer future..... no more said.

Western Cuisine in Khao Lak
Western Food in Khaolak Thailand
Western / European food, and Cuisine in Khao Lak

European and Western Restaurants in Bang Niang

About half way down the Bang Niang Beach Road at the road junction. you will find the well known and much visited Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria Pinocchio, which was one of the first foreign Restaurants here. Manager "Ramon" also runs a second Restaurant by the same name on the island of Koh Kho Khao,which lies about ca. 25 north of Bang Niang.

The Amici Restaurant and Pizzeria, which opened in 2012 is connected to the Monochrome Hotel. It is professionaly run by the North Italian Chef "Davide". This is probably the most expensive but qualitatively best Restaurant in the region."Davide" cooks with a personal flair and manages a flawlessly run kitchen and service. A large selection of noble wines are on offer in the house owned vine store.

Amici Restaurant - Bang Niang - Khao Lak Amici Restaurant - Bang Niang - Khao Lak Pinoccio Restaurant - Bang Niang - Khao Lak

Joe's Steakhouse, situated about 200 m from the Bang Niang Beach behind Island Seafood, serves good steaks for a reasonable price, and has no real rival in the region at these prices. Closed on Monday.

P & Y Restaurant and Bar, owned by French Swiss Yves and his Thai wife, are a very friendly couple who serve good meals ( Cordon Blue, Schnitzel with French fries ) reasonably priced. Pool can also be played here, and Ives is always happy to explain the rules. They also have a few rooms to let.

European dining restaurant in Khao Lak Thailand
Food is prepared fresh for restaurant customers


The seafood, which proudly prestended in Styro-foam boxes with ice, is not really cooled enough to to preserve and garantee the seafood's freshness, which was explained to us by Dr.Seree, who has treated many patients with food poisoning.

Statistically it is unclear wheather the boxes with glass lids are better or not.

If you visit Seafood Restaurants, where the seafood and fish is consumed by the early evening, you should be on the safe side.

A few typical Thai dishes, especially recommended for Khao Lak

( pronounciation; ae is spoken like enter, ue and eu is spoken like blue)

Most Thailand tourists enjoy the local Thai food. Some menus have no comprehendable translation for their dishes, so here are few Thai dishes explained;

Kao Plao : Rice, the most common basic food in Thailand as here in Khao Lak, is mostly boiled, steamed or fried and consumed as a side dish or together with chicken or other meats with vegetables and herbs.

Thai Food and dining in Khaolak


Thai Curries : various curries from mild to very hot and spicy are served in large metal pans in local restaurants at midday along the main road. It is custom to open the lid and take a look, before ordering!

Gaeng Garih : a relativly mild Indian Curry with boiled potatoes.

Gaeng Masaman : a yellow, spicy curry with boiled potatoes and chicken, cooked in coconut milk. Very tasty is the Gaeng Masaman Gai at the Lamuan Seafood Restaurant.

Gaeng Khiau Wan : This is a green curry, which in many restaurants has been made more mild to please the tourists palete.

Various Dishes

Kao Nieo : Sticky rice. is mainly consumed in the North and in rural areas. In Khao Lak it is found at street stands, motorbike sidecars, and at the markets. Kao Nieo Gai with chicken pieces (25 - 40 Baht), Kao Nieo Mamuang with mango and sweet sauce (40 Baht ), also Som Tam is served with sticky rice. ( see below )

You really can't go wrong having lunch in Khao Lak;

Phat Thai : ( pronounced Padd Tai , photo bottom left ) are fried rice noodles with tofu, vegetables, egg and peanuts. This is a very tasty and popular dish, when it's not made with precooked noodles. ( about 40 Baht ) The Phu Khao Lak offers a special variation, which is not only delicious, but beautifully presented. The original recipy is seldomly served, as it requires much preparation time.

I usually have this favourite dish of mine, for breakfast in Khao Lak, or in the afternoon at the market. ( Monday, Wednesday and Friday )

Khanom Chin : as the word says, originated in China. This is an assortment of various side dishes, inkluding dried fish, gurkins, pickels. banana blossims and uncooked soya beans, which are added to garnish the nudels. ( about 20 Baht ) An extra cooked egg costs about 10 Baht. Now there is also a Khanom Chin stand at the Bang Niang market. So, Monday, Wednesday and Friday is Chanon Chin day!

On the way, the following Snacks can be found between Midday and late Afternoon ;

Som Tam : is a salad made with unripe papayas, honey, viniger, grated peanuts, tomatoes, red chillies ( only order one! ), and dried crab, together with cabbage of which the green leafs are peeled off ( careful! ). This dish is well accompanied by a piece of grilled chicken breast.

We always enjoy this dish on the way to Krabi, at the Thanboke Khoranee National Park, where one can sit peacefully by the river.

Yam Nuea : is a cold dish made with marinated beef, various salads, coriander leafs, mint, garlic, chillies and a sour sauce, which is so hot, that hopefully no bacteria can survive! This dish is mostly too hot for my palate!

Tom Yam Gung ( photo bottom right ) : this is a very hot, and spicy, sweet and sour Thai soup, with shrimps, lemon grass, lemon leafs, chillies. tamarind, ginger and other ingredients, which are not all edible! Tom Yam is also cooked with chicken ( Tom Yam Gai ), or with fish and seafood ( Tom Yam Thale )

Whoever thinks the shrimps in Khao Lak come from shrimp farms, are greatly mistaken, because ALL restaurant owners in Khao Lak declare, that their shrimps are from the sea.

Thai Food
Thai Seafood dishes


A Thai omlette may please too, as long as it's not the this one ! :

Khai Yad Sai : is a tasty omlette cooked and swimming in oil with meat or vegetable filling, accompanied by rice. (More like a lunch dish.)

Dim Sum : is a typical Chinese breakfast, with many small bowls containing steamed delicasies. One only pays what one eats. ( about 70 Baht p.p.)

This breakfast can be enjoyed next to the Bang Niang post office in Khao Lak. Takua Pa has a few restaurants near the PTT gas station and bus station, which serve a large choice of dishes.

We Farangs enjoy American Breakfasts or buffets, where one can choose one's food as wished. The Chong Fah Beach Resort offers a fantastic breakfast buffet for 300 Baht, which is not cheap, but they display a large selection of varios delicacies, which makes this breafast worth it's price.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Khao Lak ThailandBut, what do the Thais eat for breakfast apart from Khanom Chin?

Kao Tom : is a tasty rice soup with chicken, pork, crab meat or shrimps. Kao Tom Gai , Kao Tom Muh, Kao Tom Gung

A Thai omlette may please too, as long as it's not the this one ! :

Khai Yad Sai : is a tasty omlette cooked and swimming in oil with meat or vegetable filling, accompanied by rice. (More like a lunch dish.)

Dim Sum : is a typical Chinese breakfast, with many small bowls containing steamed delicacies. One only pays what one eats. ( about 70 Baht p.p.)

This breakfast can be enjoyed next to the Bang Niang post office in Khao Lak. Takua Pa has a few restaurants near the PTT gas station and bus station, which serve a large choice of dishes.

Thai Dishes and found in Restaurant Menus

Tom:   Thai Soups:
Tom Kha Gai




Chicken in Coconut Milk Soup
Tom Jued   Clear Soup with Minced Pork
Gaeng Garih Gai   Yellow Curry with Chicken
Filler Filler   Filler Filler
Plah, Muh, Gai, Ped:   Main Course:
Por Pia Tord   Spring Rolls
Tord Man Plah   Thai Style Fish Cakes
Hor Neung Plah   Steamed Fish in Banana Leaves
Plah Nin Lad Bai Kaprao   Fried Fish with Basil Leaves
Panaeng Muh   Panaeng Curry with Pork
Raad Nah Muh   Fried Noodles with Pork and Sauce
Gai Phat Med Mamuang




Chicken with Cashewnuts
Gai Phat King   Chicken with Ginger
Gai Hor Bai Toey   Chicken in Pandanus Leaves
Gaeng Paet Ped Yang   Red Curry with Roast Duck
Phat Prio Wan Phak   Sweet and sour Vegetables
Phat Hed Ruam Khao
      Pod Orn




Fried Mixed Mushrooms with Babycorn
Filler Filler   Filler Filler
Yam:   Thai Salads:
Yam Wun Sen   Spicy Glass Noodle Salad
Yam Thale   Spicy Seafood Salad
Filler Filler   Filler Filler
Wan:   Desserts:
Tab Tim Grob   Water Chestnuts with Coconut Milk
Kao Nieo Dam Piak   Black Sticky Rice Pudding
Kluay Buad Chih   Bananas in Coconut Milk
Khanom Kluay   Steamed Banana Cake

My Personal Favourites

Name: Phu Khao Lak ( Nang Thong hill-side ) More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
   Best Thai Food !
Description: Who would have thought, that I would have chosen Phu Khao Lak as my favourite, Nr.1 Restaurant in Khao Lak. I visited the Restaurant four times this season together with Thai friends, who all agreed, that the food was exquisite and well presented, the service was efficient and professional, and the portions very generous.

Hours Open: Open from 18.00 - 22.00
Price Info: Most dishes around 120 - 200 Baht

Name: Indigo Restaurant ( Nang Thong Beach ) More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  Good allround Restaurant

Description: The breakfast buffet offers a variety of Cheeses, sausages and cold meat, with good bread and really good coffee as much as you like.For lunch standard Thai dishes are served.In the evening, the owner is happy be the host and cook, and grill seafood himself for his guests.

Hours Open: 7.00 through to 23.00
Price Info: Breakfast; 350 Baht/ Lunch; 90 - 120 Baht/ Dinner every evening from 19.00.- 22.00 (weather allowing )

Name: Ton Son, Sunbeach and Aroy ( Bang Niang Beach ) More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  Seafood on the Beach

Description: These three Restaurants, owned by three families from Bang Niang, situated next to the Ramada Resort, have shown to be quite a success.

Enjoy reasonably priced seafood and any Thai dish you can imagine, in a romantic atmosphere and setting by the Beach,..a real treat! The friendly smiles of Jim and his neighbours, are free of charge!

Hours Open: every evening from 18.00 - 22.00
Price Info: from 80 Baht, excluding drinks.

Name: Green Beach ( Nang Thong Beach ) More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
Description: Surprisingly enough, I have also added the Green Beach Restaurant to my list of favourites. ONE very tasteful dish named "Mama Tom Yam Kung", for the unbeatable price of 40 Baht..yes 40 Baht, is definitely worth savouring.!.

Hours Open: all day until about 17.00
Price Info: 40 Baht plus, excluding drinks

Name: Khao Lak Seafood ( in the newly built Thai style house near Nang Thong. ) More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  Barracuda Filet on a Banana Leaf

Description: The Barracuda Filet on a Banana Leaf, is my most prefered fish dish in Khao Lak. The fish filet keeps juicy and succulent in the banana leaf and makes a very tasteful dish, which is well accompanied by a glass of Nam Manao ( fresh lemon juice).

Hours Open: Every evening from 19.00 - 22.00
Price Info: 150 Baht per portion + rice 20 Baht + Nam Manao 20 Baht.

Name: Joe's Steakhouse ( Bang Niang Beach )More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
   A large choice of Steaks and Schnitzels

Description: Ludwig Hugsam, the owner of Joe's Steakhouse cooks up to 60 steaks, cooked to perfection, and accompanied by a choice of side dishes, such as croquettes or French fries and cooked vegetables

Hours Open: Tuesday to Saturday from 18.00 - 23.00
Price Info: around 350 Baht per dish

Name: Bread and More ( Bang Niang ) More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  German Breakfasts and Sandwiches

Description: A substantial breakfast, with a variety of fresh sesame, poppy seed and whole grain bread and buns, accompanied by Parisien and Pepper Ham, Salami, Liver sausage from Nuernberg, Meatloaf , a boiled egg, coffee and orange juice are served here for 220 Baht. For many, this breakfast is enough, to take them through the day until the evening meal.

Hours Open: daily from 8.00 - 17.00
Price Info: Breakfast 220 Baht

Name: Jumbo More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  Pizza, Pasta and Steaks
Description: This Restaurant offers a large variety of tasteful dishes very reasonably priced, and comparable with Ranong prices, which is Southern Thailand's cheapest tourist destination.

Pasta dishes start at 70 Baht, fish and various steaks range from 95 Baht ( Pork Pepper Steak ) to the most expensive dish at 280 Baht, which is a New Zealand Beef Steak.

The cook worked at the Meridian Hotel for many years, where he acquired his cooking experience as well as his presentation skills.

Hours Open: Daily from 9.00 - 22.00 Closed on Wednesday
Price Info: 40 - 280 Baht

Name: Muanlai E-Sarn Dining ( Sunset Beach ) More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  Isarn Food
Description: Visited mainly by local guests, the North Eastern food here proves to be of best quality, tastefuly served by their well trained staff from the Baan Kratang Resort. The restaurant is superbly situated, boasting wonderful views over the 12 Km long Khao Lak beach. The menu shows photographs of various dishes, some of which are not so well known, but worth trying. So, have courage!

Hours Open: Daily until 23.00
Price Info: around 120 Baht per portion

Name: Bavaria House & Jane Isarn ( Bang Niang beach road ) More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  Isarn Chicken
Description: This German - Thai Restaurant attracts tourists who enjoy both Thai as well as German food. They also serve very tasty chicken , roasted on the spit, which is a recipy imported by Tom and Jane from Ulm in Southern Germany. They also serve various other dishes, which are also delicious, and fairly priced, such as Schnitzel with French fries for about 220 Baht. Part of the Restaurant consists of a round bar with a large screen showing sports events.

Hours Open: Daily from 11.00 - 22.30
Price Info: Thai dishes around 120 Baht, German dishes from 160 Baht

Name: Rabieng Restaurant ( La Flora Street , Ban Bang Niang ) More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  Thai Food and Seafood
Description: At the beginning of the roadBegin der Strasse gleich nach dem Italienischen Restaurant Amici, abends fast immer voll. Die Kueche ist offen und wirkt professionell. Mein Lieblingsgericht ist Massaman Curry.

. Situated at the end of the small Soi, the restaurant has an open kitchen and is usually well occupied.

My favorite dish is Masaman Curry.

Hours Open: Daily from 15.00 - 23.00
Price Info: 120 - 180 Baht

Name: Takieng Restaurant ( Ban Bang Niang ) More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  Thai Food from Northern Thailand
Description: The Takieng Restaurant is situated more or less opposite the 7/11.

The Restaurant serves a large selection of excuisite Thai dishes, averagely priced, is very tastefully decorated, and boasts an excellent service.

In the view of many Thais, this is the most authentical; Thai Restaurant in Khao Lak.

Hours Open: Daily from 15.00 - 23.00
Price Info: 120 - 150 Baht per dish

Name: Takua Pa Restaurant ( at Km 61 in the middle, between Nang Tong and Bang Niang )More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  Thai Food
Description: This is undeniably the most visited Restaurant by Thais, but also by foreigers who enjoy Thai food. which is cooked in stainless steel pans and diplayed in glass vitrines.

One orders " Lad Kao " ( on rice ) accompanied by 2 dishes of choice. Ice water is free, and everything together costs 40 Baht! Due to the big turnover, all food is freshly cooked.

Hours Open: Daily from 9.00 - 24.00 ( a catering service from Bang Niang Beach is being planed, so I'm told )
Price Info: 30 - 81 Baht per portion ( not all dishes are liked by foreigners, so please choose carefully! )

Name: Amici (connected to the Monochrome Hotel) More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  Italian Cuisine

Italian chef Davide creates the finest Italian dishes ( also pizzas from a real pizza oven) using quality products. Noble wines can be selected from the restaurant's own vinotheque. A generous breakfast buffet for 250 Baht is served daily from 7.00 to 10.30. This is a professionaly run restaurant with attentive staff, and a new, well equiped kitchen.

Hours open : Breakfast, lunch and dinner until about 23.00
Prices : Prices are higher than in other restaurants, but justified by the high quality of products and service..

Name: Pinocchio Pizzeria ( Bang Niang Beach Road )More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  Pizza and Pasta
Description: Pinocchio is a well visited Pizzaria, also serving a variety of other Italien dishes. Pizza is made in a large wood fired pizza oven, which probably makes one of the best Pizzas in town. Ramon, the German- Italian owner, may be seen by some as the best restaurateur in town.


Hours Open: Daily from 12.00 - 22.00
Price Info: 240 - 320 Baht per pizza.

Name: Pizzaria Ristorante Bella Italia More information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  Pizza and Pasta
Description: Pizzaria Ristorante Bella Italia is situated on the road leading down to the beach from Nang Tong Supermarket.

A wood fired pizza oven and a vinoteca, diplaying wines have been newly added for the coming season of 2013. Sandro, the North Italian owner has a reputation of being an excellent cook, making the most delicious pasta dishes.

Hours Open: Daily from 12.00 - 22.00
Price Info: most Pizzas around 250 Baht

Name: Piccola MariaMore information on restaurants, dining in Khao Lak.
  Pizza and Pasta
Description: Piccola Maria is an Italian run Restaurant at the southern end of the road, which runs parallel to the beach.They serve good Pizzas, Pastas and various other dishes. Also quality meat dishes such as Carpaccio are served. Newly added are different fresh bread types , like home made Ciabatta.


Hours Open: Daily from 9.00 - 23.00
Price Info: Pizzas around 240 Baht - 360 Baht ( Steaks, Carpaccio )


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