Booking Procedure



Booking a resort or bungalow in Khao Lak by email really is quite simple:

Booking Rooms and resorts in Khao lak Thailand.
We accept payment of deposits by PayPal !!!

You click on the email button of the Resort that interests you   (it is shown on the right at the end of the line) .

You write us a normal email with your standard email program
          including your travel dates (min. 5 nights) and your desired bungalow or bungalow type .

We find out whether your desired bungalow is available for your chosen dates.

We answer to you by email to inform you of the availability.
            (Normally, we will get back to you within 24 hours , guaranteed within 72 hours.
            If there is no answer after 3 days, unfortunately, emails can go astray on the worldwide web!,
            then we would be happy if you mail us once again.)

You email us your booking requirements: Resort name, dates, desired bungalow, number of guests.

We email you the reservation confirmation with details about transferring the deposit (usually 30%)*.

You transfer the deposit to the bank account in Germany and
you inform us by email to confirm the transfer
(From outside Germany: Please make sure that your bank charges ALL fees to your account. We are not able to pay any charges of your transfer and will have to debit your balance in the unfortunate case that your bank makes a mistake.**
If you have a Paypal account, please contact us for payment details. It is very easy to set up a new Paypal account free of charge. This is probably the easiest and quickest way to pay us.)

We pass on your deposit to the Resort a few days later and
          we email you the booking confirmation which you present to the Resort as a voucher .
(Our voucher is in English language and is well understood by our partners.)

You may ask us to arrange your transfer from Phuket Airport to the resort with our befriended taxi drivers, Miss Chananya and Mr. Gaeng.
            This service is free of charge for you.
            You simply pay to the taxi driver 1600 Baht resp. 2000 Baht (for 3 persons or more) upon arrival at the resort,
            a night service surcharge of 500 Baht applies between 8 pm (20 hours) and 6 am. .

You pay the balance of 70% when checking in at the Resort in Thai Baht cash (or by credit card),
          you are pleased at how easy this booking by internet is,
          and you will enjoy your vacation in Khao Lak .

We are always available in Khao Lak to assist you with any problems of your reservation. ***

Booking conditions

We are NOT a tour operator.
We offer a voluntary, non profit making service.
We can NOT make any bookings of less than 5 nights.
We act as an intermediary in order to assist you in the booking of a resort in Khao Lak that is not bookable as desired elsewhere,
OR, we establish the contact with a particular resort in Khao Lak to allow you to book with them directly,
OR, in some cases, we refer your booking request to a reputable travel agency that has established special links to your favourite resort and can offer more favourable rates.

Our service was established to give tourists worldwide the opportunity to book with resorts that aren't always available through commercial tour operators or travel agencies.

Over the years our service became very popular among families in need of more than a room with one extra bed. We know each family room in Khao Lak personally and can advise you about the suitability for your family.

Also small groups travelling together use our service because we can select suitable rooms or bungalows next to each other, and we guarantee that these rooms are kept available without compromise.

Due to our good contacts with resort owners and managers we are sometimes able to book rooms that no other booking service can book for you or that seem to be fully booked. We check the booking ledger together with the staff and sometimes find ways to re-arrange rooms so that one desired room becomes available for the entire period, or we find a way to move from one room to another or, in hopeless cases, to move from one resort to another. In rare cases we arranged a tour for the 2 or 3 days that the room was not available.

For early check-out the rules of each resort apply which you may obtain from each resort directly. We have no way of interference.

The list of bookable resorts, guesthouses, bungalows and holiday houses can be found here.

Some Fine Print
We will never ask you to transfer an additional deposit or the full balance to any account. If you receive an email with this content, please contact us immediately by email to clarify the situation.

In some countries some banks charge exorbitant fees for a money transfer to Europe (esp. from UK and Australia). The actual charges depend on many factors beyond our control. Only your bank can tell you their precise charges AND the charges of the receiving bank. Experience shows that the use of IBAN and BIC reduces charges, ticking the OUR box tends to eliminate charges of the receiving bank, and the transfer of foreign currency into Euro (not Euro into Euro!) reduces charges. Unfortunately all banks are different, we have seen charges differing between 3 and 30 Euro for a similar amount from the same country.

As an alternative, some guests have air-mailed Euro banknotes by insured registered letter for a fraction of the bank charges.
Our new service: If you have a Paypal account, you may pay by Paypal and we pay the charge (app. 4%).

In the unlucky and unhappy event of a cancellation of your booking for any reason the deposit is forfeited. In some rare cases the resort may decide to pay the deposit back and we will transfer the amount back to you (charges payable by you) after deducting a service charge of not more than 40 Euro depending on the amount of work involved to handle your booking (as a guideline: 5 Euro per email sent). If you have a travel insurance our voucher acts as the booking invoice for your insurance company.

If a booking can not be performed within 10 emails sent we reserve the right to give up.

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