Local Transport in Khao Lak

Pickups and Taxis

If you take a Songthaeo = Pickup with wooden structure!! , a day time trip will cost about 20 Baht per person from Bang Niang to Nang Thong. They are permitted to drive along the main road and into the villages, but not to the beach.
If you take a Taxi = Pickup with metal structure!! , the same trip will cost 100 Baht, and from Bang Niang Beach to Nang Thong 150 Baht fixed price. They will take you to any nearby destination.
In central Khao Lak taxi stands are north and south of Nang Thong Supermarket, and in Bang Niang the taxi point is at the turn off to the beach, and near the Chong Fah Restaurant.

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Taxi-Prices from Bang Niang Market
(Prices dictated by Police)
To Khao Lak Center (= Nang Thong)
100 Baht/Person
min. 2 Personen (i.e.to beach)
50 Baht/Person
Khao Lak Merlin
200 Baht
300 Baht
Sarojin (White Sand Beach)
300 Baht
Bang Sak
400 Baht
Ban Nam Khem (ferry to Ko Kho Khao)
600 Baht
Takua Pa (market, bus station)
700 Baht
To Poseidon Resort
250 Baht

Motor Bike Taxis

Motor bike taxis with numbered vests (seldom) will take you to the next beach for about 20 Baht. They stand near the bus station.

Private Taxis

If you wish to be driven around the area of Khao Lak and would like to inspect on your own, a private chauffeur can be organized for 2000 - 3000 Baht, depending on distance and time of course. Any agency will happily arrange a trip for you.

We recommend Khun Jaeb who drives a new Honda Civic. She speaks reasonable English and will drive you carefully to where ever you wish to go. She does not offer tours, and doesn't take any provision. If she should take a detour, never without good reason.

If you would like to have a guide, Gaeng, a young man who knows his way around the area, also owner of an official guide license, will be happy to show you various sights of interest, explain and give information about them, which costs a little more of course.

Gaeng and Khun Jiab can be found at the t-Globe Service Point at Bang Niang Beach by Sita Garden . Please book as early as possible.


Normallybuses pass through every hour in both directions to Phuket as to Takua Pa. They will stop if waved down.

Climatized buses (blue) will only stop if they have free seats or if you have pre booked. It is wise to pre book with an agency if you are going to Surat Thani or Bangkok,

The Ac-Bus to Surat Thani costs 150 Baht, 2.classe-ac-Bus 120 Baht. The trip takes about 4 hours..

From Khao Lak a mini bus leaves twice daily to Phuket and Patong for 800 Baht per person. Mini buses leave for various destinations in the south of Thailand, as for Bangok or Malasia. Travel agencies will gladly book these trips for you. They leave at 8.00 and 11.00, and you will be picked up free of charge from your hotel at 7.30.


to Pakbara and Satun at the border to Malaysia, buses will depart at 8.00. The 8 hour trip costs 750 Baht, passing through Krabi, 2.5 hours for 350 Baht, and through Trang 5 Hours for 650 Baht.

Those wishing to leave Satun for Langkawi (Malaysia) will have to spend a night in Satun, which costs about 400- 700 Baht. The following morning at 9.00 the boat will leave, costing 250 Baht.

Another possibility is to to leave Khao Lak with a mini bus at 8.00 for Ko Lanta arriving at 14.00 for 600 Baht, respectively 700 Baht to Ko Lanta. Then taking the Hi-Speed Ferry von Tigerline (134, 165 or.180 seats) over Ko Hai, Ko Muk and Ko Lipe (1800 Baht, arriving at 14.30) and then directly to Langkawi (1950 Baht, arriving at 18.00), Website www.tigerlinetravel.com .
Tigerline now also departs from Chalong on Phuket at 8.00, passing Ko Lanta and Ko Lipe to Langkawi (arriving at 18.00).


Driving in Thailand, and Renting a Vehicle

First a little advice!

One drives on the left hand side in Thailand. Coming out of a side street and looking left instead of right first, is probably the most common cause for some very serious accidents.

Some traffic regulations do exist, but the unwritten ones are usually more important!

Buses, lorries, water buffalos and pigs always have the right of way. Whereas, chickens,dogs and smaller animals are entirely ignored by Thai drivers .

Beware also, when turning off to the right into another street. Here it's best not to wait in the middle of the road with an indicator on, like in the west, but to stop on the left of the road and wait until all is clear before crossing.

Never count on drivers abiding by any rules. You may encounter a vehicle driving towards you on your side of the road , crossing the double yellow line while over taking another vehicle at over 100 Km/h, even in the town centre! It is wise always to give others the right of way.

Before you rent a vehicle, check tires, brakes, horn, lights and indicators.

Only rent a motor bike if you experienced driving them. Wear a helmet, which is the law in Thailand, and can also save your life.

Be clear, that In the case of an accident, foreigners (Farangs) always pay!... ...mostly.

It is advised, not to stop and help in the case of an accident, because as a Farang you may be given the blame!

3rd party insurance, should it exists at all, will only cover personal damage up to a max. of 50'000 Baht. Driving under the influence of alcohol is the reason for most accidents. Nearly everyone drinks and drives! Driving a motor bike in Thailand is dangerous.

Renting a car is much less dangerous. Along the main road of Khao Lak and Bang Niang there are few car rentals where Jeeps (Suzuki Caribbean, see photo) can be rented from about 1100 Baht.

Renting from private people who charge only 600 Baht, is risky and not advisable.

It is safest to rent a car which has a "First Class Insurance".

Budget and Hertz have agencies in Khao Lak, on the main road in Bang Niang about 300 m north of the 7/11, and Herz 200 m south. Budget allows you to leave the car with any other Budget rental point in Thailand, if you rent for a few days. One must pay with a credit card and can take out another insurance which also covers a personal excess of max. 10'000 Baht.

For years we have been renting a Nissan NV Automatic(photo top left) from Phuket airport from airportcarrent . We, as well as many friends have been using this rental, with whom we have always been fully satisfied. Prices from 15 days are 700 Baht per day, and over 1 month, 500 Baht per day. Included is Thailand's best insurance (AIG)

By the way : sometimes in the afternoon Police inspect the traffic near the Bang Niang School. If you are not carrying an international drivers license, you will be asked to sign a paper and pay 300 Baht. Forgetting the helmet or not wearing the safety belt, will cost 200 Baht extra.


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