Tide information for Khao Lak and Area.

Tide information for Khao Lak and area is available through numerous web sites. Magic Seaweed listed below is a site highly recommended by surfers and divers in the area. For a more official report you may wish to browse the tide information available by the Royal Thai Navy.

magicseaweed.com - Khao Lak
About the Tides for Khao Lak
The tidal prediction for Khao Lak is just that, a well educated guess based on years of observed data. Many factors will affect the tide tables at Khao Lak including local winds and pressure systems. A margin of error of at least 10 minutes is to be expected with any forecast and its this level of accuracy we aim to achieve.

Royal Thai Navy - Brought to you by onestopdive.com
This page is information provided by the Royal Thai Navy for their Naval Base located in Tap Lamu (Phang Nga). Tap Lamu is located only a few kilometers from Khao Lak and is an excellent reference for those looking for the most authoritative tide information in the kingdom

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