The Nightlife of Khao Lak

The "Khao Lak Tourist Guide" says :

Khao Lak is generally known to be a quiet, family orientated holiday resort. Tourists usually visit a restaurant for dinner and may later find a small bar, have a few drinks or cocktails, and have a chat with other holiday makers. Others may prefer to visit a beach bar, play a game or simply relax and read a book before nodding off to sleep in the land of smiles.

Having said that , Nightlife in Khao Lak has expanded greatly in the past years, especially in Bang Niang.

Moo Moo's Caberet lady boy show  - Bang Niang - Khao Lak.

Bang Niang

Bang Niang, for those who enjoy nightlife or a late night out, has more to offer than Nang Thong,.

Possibly the two most attractive venues are Moo Moos's Cabaret and the Zantika Pub .

The well known Moo Moo's Cabaret, which established itself shortly after the Tsunami, boasts a colourful and attractive Ladyboy Show, with performances from 21:45 - 23:15 every evening. This is an enjoyable venue for young and old, and quite a unique experience for many coming from Western countries. It is situated just south of the Bang Niang market next to the bridge. Admission is free, however cocktails and drinks are little more expensive.


Situated by the main road, across from the turn off to Chong Fah waterfall, is the large Zantika Pub , which is open every night until 4.00 in the morning. Many young and promising Thai musicians here play live music on most nights.

Cabaret, bars and music in Bang Niang, Khao Lak  - Nightlife. Cabaret, bars and music in Bang Niang, Khao Lak  - Nightlife. Moo Moo Cabaret Show Bang Niang.

Bars offering live music in Bang Niang, Khao Lak.


Many Bars offer Live Music

The most well known and also oldest is the Degree Bar, where talented Thai musicians play a mixture of Thai and Western music. The Bar is mostly but not only visited by Thais, and open until 2.00 AM. It is situated just down from Moo Moo's Cabaret on the same road side.

The Lazy House, which is next to the Degree Bar, run by "Gap" who is also an excellent and dedicated musician likes to play music from the 60's as well as Thai songs.

( from left to right : live music at the Sparrow Bar, Lazy House, bar ladies at the Sparrow Bar, Bangrak Bar )


Lazy Bar has live music every night in Bang Niang Khao lak. Many Bars to choose from Thai Bar - Bang Niang Beach - Khao Lak

Click here for more information on nightlife and bars in Khao Lak Center area - provided by t-globe.comFind more information on bars and nightlife in the khao Lak area - brought to you by Bangrak Bar , situated directly next to 7/11, has young Thai bands playing loud and lively Thai Rock into the early morning hours. "Wood", the owner and also a musician, is a dedicated Reggae fan, who also runs the Thai Bar at the beach, which is known for it's Fullmoon Parties.

The newly opened Sparrow Bar ( 2013 ) is about 100 meters down from 7/11 on the road to the beach, and play live music from about 21.00. Sparrow Bar, is run by a friendly Dutchman and his Thai wife. A pool table, darts, games and simple food, as well as 4 rooms for rent, are also available here.

Passing Sparrow Bar, about 200 meters down the road on the left hand side, is another newly opened Bar with live music called Cloud 9

About 300 meters further down towards the beach on the other road side, the Smile Bar can be found, where like in Cloud 9 good live music, is played by talented Philipino musicians.

Situated by the main road, across from the turn off to Chong Fah waterfall, is the large Zantika Pub, which is open every night until 4.00 in the morning. Many young and promising Thai musicians play live music here.

On the way out of Bang Niang on the left hand side in direction Nang Thong, is the 89 music hall, which is a large wooden building, where Thai live music is played, and which is mostly visited by Thais.

At the end of Emerald Plaza, across from the Mukdara Hotel, the 12 Bar plays live music sometimes into the early morning hours.

Mars Bar in Bang Niang Khao Lak

Other Bars in Bang Niang

Mars Bar, is situated near the Honda Garage, and is run by a friendly Englishman ( Mars ) and his Thai wife. Guests are mostly English speaking divers or Expats. Simple food (also pies and breakfasts), a wide selection of cocktails and drinks, and a dart board are available from 10.00 - 24.00. daily.

Tha Bar is directly across from Moo Moo's Cabaret, and is the only "Lady Bar" in Bang Niang at the moment where pool can be played on a professional table.

The Piranha Bar, a bar which has been here for a number of years and run by Mr. Pak is situated on the lower part of the road to Bang Niang beach.

The Gecko Bar is a small bar situated about 200 meters down the beach road on the left hand side. Some late night birds come here after Zantika closes at 4.00 AM to play pool.
( Bars here change ownership frequently, so not all bars are listed.)

Blah Blah Bar located in the Bang Niang Market Khao Lak

Bars at the Market

Song's Bar, run by Dutchman ( David ) and his lovely wife Wann, situated on the right hand side of the market is open everyday and is liveliest on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, which are market days. This bar plays a broad range of music to appeal to all age groups. This very popular / well known bar and is a great location to meet people and enjoy a fun night out until the early morning hours, when the bar can still be busy.

In the centre of the market a quaint little bar called Mr.Chai Bar, run by a friendly Thai couple can be found. Situated further down at the end of the market is the Bla Bla Bar, which is run by a young Thai lady. Both Bars are open only on market days.( Monday, Wednesday and Saturday )


( from left to right ; opening party Bla Bla Bar (2013), happy couple at Song's Bar, Mr. Chay himself )


Bars and nightlife in Bang Niang Khao Lak Bars and nightlife in Bang Niang Khao Lak Mr Chay bar Khao lak

Live music, lady bars in Nang Thong Khao Lak.

Khao Lak (Nang Thong)

In Khao Lak ( Nang Tong ) on the main road, is the well known Happy Snapper Bar, where starting at 22:00 live bands play. The bar is mostly visited by foreigners and Expats.

About 200 meters further south, across from Mc Donalds is a small soi, where the Monkey Bar ( live music ) and the Sakai Bar ( music bar with pool table ) can be found.

Situated In the same soi are the Velvet Bar and the Rose Bar, which are the only "Lady Bars" in Nang Thong, Khao Lak at the moment.

.(Photo Monkey Bar)

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