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The " Khao Lak Tourist Guide " says :

Pharmacies - medication
Medication in Khao Lak is much cheaper here than in the West. If you are treated at a doctor's practice or in a hospital, you will be given your medicine there. The Khao Lak Pharmacy at Nang Thong can order and obtain any drug sold in Thailand within a few days.

Dr. Seree , the much praised and liked practitioner has retired and now lives in Takua Pa. In special cases he can be visited there. The address and telefon number can be obtained in the Krathom Khao Lak Resort at Nang Thong.
My practitioner now is Mrs. Amornrut, whose practice is in Bang Niang on the main road between Tony's Lodge and the Motive Cottage Resort. She has her clinic open daily from 17.00 to 20.30 hours.
One consultancy costs 300 Baht, which is affordable for those who cannot afford insurance prices of around 2000 Baht as some other clinics in Khao Lak normally charge.

In Phuket there are various hospitals, which can be compared with European hospitals, like the Phuket International Hospital (= Sirirot Hospital) or the Bangkok-Phuket Hospital, which has a first class Lasik department.
The prices in these hopitals have increased rapidly in the past years. Those who need stationary treatment, will have to pay a large up front payment or present an insurance guarantee. This guarantee can nowadays only be obtained together with a copy of the flight ticket, which can be sent to the insurance regulator as an e-mail attachment. Who carries these documents with them on a daily basis?!

It's quite macabre, if you enter the hospital in an emergency and need to be operated on immediately. He who can find the payable sum (around 100.000 Baht for an operation) in the middle of the night is really lucky!

There are a few ambulances parked along the main road in Bang Niang. The Emergency Number is : 1719
The Bangkok-Phuket Hospital has arranged a Helicopter-Service also with the Emergency Number: 1719
The landing port is at the Centara Seaview Resort. For further information please contact

Please do not touch stray dogs: There is no cure for some of the diseases deriving from these dogs.

Cause for Relief :

For years in Khao Lak there has been:
no Malaria,
very few cases of Dengue Fever,
no Cholera,
no Typhoid Fever,
no Paratyphoid Fever

Thus, no vaccines are needed for these diseases in Khao Lak area.


Everyone knows, that fruit is healthy.
As it is known to most, one must be careful when consuming fruit in the tropics. But what does "careful" mean? ...not to eat fruit? ...of course not!
Immersing the fruit in hot water, is rather complicated, too. Only eat fruit that can be peeled! Bananas, Mangos, Pineapples, Oranges etc.

All fruit sold in Khao Lak is basically not dangerous. I have never had a problem wiping or rinsing an apple or grapes with water. The much Thai loved, Chomphu (rose apple) with the firm, pink and shiny skin, which I never peel, or the cellophane wrapped or open cut fruit, which is sold at stands, have never caused me a problem either.
Openly cut water melons on the other hand, if not refrigerated, can be a real problem, because of the quickly growing bacteria on the porous surface. Since they are used in mixed fruit shakes, I avoid these shakes. I only order "banana with pineapple" shakes, which is greatly liked for it's fresh taste by foreigners anyway. If the shake separates after a few minutes, something is wrong, and I order at another place next time. A fruit shake or milk shake should not cost over 60 Baht.

Doctors, Pharmacies, Opticians, Dentists, Thai-Massages and Spas in Khao Lak.

" The Khao Lak Map 2014 "
Doctors, Pharmacies, Opticians, Dentists, Thai Massages and Spas in Khao Lak.












Khao Lak Promotion


Unfortunately, like in most seas during certain times, jellyfish can be found, which can cause strong burns and blisters on the skin. These can be treated with white vinegar or a paste made from Morning Glory, which grows around beach areas.

Until now the much feared "Fire Jelly Fish", which can be recognised by its red colour, has not been spotted here. In the 2013 - 14 season there were only a few cases, that needed to be treated by a doctor.


All Tourist areas in Thailand are warned by TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) and local tourist offices as follows :

The presence of dogs on the beach is a nuisance and a plague. They are unhygienic, and a threat to humans. PLEASE do not feed dogs on the beach. ( quoted in " getting the most from Samui " Page 2 )

The Bangkok Phuket Hospital warns, in the brochure 3/99 "Health Tips for Travellers in Southern Thailand" distributed by TAT,

" no tourist should stroke dogs, as their fur is inhabited by fur Larvae (hydatid cysts), which settle in the liver and need to be operatively removed. Wherever there are dogs, hookworms are found, that attack on the foot soles, which can be treated with medication ".

These rules apply also for Khao Lak. Dogs with a collar are no less dangerous.

According to the local vets, all homeless dogs have at least 7 serious diseases, of which many can cause damage to the human body.

Diving Accidents

Khao Lak has managed to avoid serious accidents up until now. The Deko Chamber is located in Phuket. In the view of diving medics, it is irresponsible, to do a 3rd dive, after a stressful 7 hour trip on a speedboat to the Similans, without the use of ones own diving computer. Even then it is a dangerous endeavour.

Diving operators in Khao Lak do not make use of this marketing trick. Having 3 dives, submerging into a wonderful underwater world, on a peaceful and stress free Liveabord, is an entirely different case and uncritical.

Thai Massages

The many Massage-Studios, Spas and Beach Massages in Khao Lak are considered to be professional and competent. Mainly the older massage ladies with years of experience know the various types of massages. The most popular are the traditional massage and the Thai- and Oil Massage adapted for tourists. Other massages, like the Foot Massage, the Shoulder and Neck Massage, the Aloe-Vera-Massage and the Aroma-Massage are also offered. Massages in a studio or on the beach are offered at around 300 - 500 Baht. In hotels and luxurious spas, prices are much higher. Real Thai massages, which last 2 hours, are only found in the studios on the main road, which are visited by Thais in the evenings, or at the Sita Beach Massage. Most massage ladies own a certificate from the Massage School in Wat Pho, Bangkok, or from other schools.

The quality of the massage depends on the experience of the massage lady, who will according to your wishes, give you a gentle, middle or strong massage. If it's your first time, I would advise to have a gentle massage first, as the strength of the ladies should not be under estimated. On the beaches of Khao Lak there are over 100 massage ladies and a few men, who offer their services in simple but romantic bamboo huts. Fresh linen and cushion covers are provided. It's wonderful to experience a massage by the beach listening to the waves in the background. Excellent massages are offered at the beach of Sita Garden.

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